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Submitting requests through Slack
Submitting requests through Slack
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Tag the @Back bot in a public channel

You can send a message to the @Back assistant in whichever public channel it was already invited to. Simply write @Back <your request>  and follow the instructions.

Send Back assistant a direct message

If you don't want to submit your request in public you can also write a message to the assistant directly.

ℹ️ If you don't see Back app in the Apps section of the sidebar click on “+”, search Back and add it. You can also press Cmd + K  (Mac) or Ctrl + K  (Windows) and type Back in the quick switcher.

Use Slack “Actions” in Slack Direct Message

To create a request from an existing message you can use the so-called Slack Actions.

  1. Find the message you want to use to submit a request

  2. Click on the ∙∙∙ button that appears when you move your mouse over the message

  3. From the menu select Create request

  4. If you cannot find this action click on More message actions... and find Create request there

Providing additional details

Back will automatically use your message as the title of the request. At any point of the flow you can also select "Adjust details" to open a dialog and add more context in the description field, e.g. if you have a particular favorite brand of coffee you can paste a link to Amazon.

Unless the team was pre-selected or you already selected it before, you will need to select the team as well. 

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