Adding a new message to your request

If you use Slack as your default notification channel, once you submit a request Back will send you a confirmation message with details about your request.

To follow-up on the request you can simply add a message to the thread that Back automatically starts for each request.

  • To open the thread simply click on 1 reply below the message, or use the πŸ’¬ icon that appears when you move your mouse over the message.

  • The thread will open on the right side of the screen and you can send your messages there.

  • Back will confirm that your message was received by adding a βœ”οΈ reaction to it.

Adding an existing message to your request

If the information that you want to add to your request is in an existing message (e.g. you already sent it to someone in a private message) you can use the Slack Actions to add that message to your request.

  1. Find the message

  2. Click on the βˆ™βˆ™βˆ™ button that appears when you move your mouse over it

  3. Select Add to existing request

  4. Find and select your request in the dropdown menu (you can type to search!)

  5. Edit the text (if needed) and press Add

If you don't see Add to existing request in the menu, press More message actions... and find the item there.

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