Choosing the right channel for updates
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Our notifications are designed to keep you up to date on the important developments of the request. We aim to make notifications as relevant  for you as possible.

Back can send you updates either through Slack or e-mail. Since we know how much everyone loves e-mails, unless you tell us otherwise, Back will try to use Slack whenever possible.

Changing my preferences

When you receive your first Slack notification Back will give you the choice of keeping Slack as your default channel for updates, or switching to e-mail.

  • If you're happy with Slack you don't have to do anything and we will continue giving you updates there. You can also click on Keep Slack to make your love for Slack official.

  • If you prefer e-mail, you can click on Switch to e-mail and from that point on all updates will come as e-mails. You can still use Slack to submit requests, though

If you change your mind later on (either way), you can always write notifications  to the Back assistant to be able to change your default channel.

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