Rolling Back out via e-mail or Slack

How to get everyone to switch to Back instead of sending you DMs on Slack

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We recommend to officially roll-out Back to the company. Below you find a message which can be used via Email (all@ ) and Slack (#general ). Please adjust the text in bold to your use case. 


Subject: New way to get questions for the <TEAM> answered 🚀

Hi everyone,

We made a small change in how you should ask questions and submit requests to the <TEAM> team. We’ll use a new software called Back (check it out on to streamline your requests and make sure we can always get back to everyone as soon as possible. 

The great news: You can continue to ask us through Email and Slack and you don't need a new login. Back will keep you up to date through Slack or Email and if needed, you can add additional info through there as well.

From today on, please submit all new requests for <TEAM> via Back using one of the following options...

On Slack:

  • Find Back on Slack by entering "Back" in the search field

  • Add "Back" as a favorite by adding the 🌟- this way you'll always be able to find it

  • Send your request for <TEAM> to Back and you'll get a reply soon - follow the instructions then

  • For requests that are not sensitive you can also mention @Back in #<CHANNEL-NAME>, e.g. @Back Where can I find my payslips? 

Via e-mail:

  • Send an e-mail to <TEAM>@<COMPANY>

Here are some example requests for <TEAM>:

  • How can I use my education budget?

  • ..

Help us make our daily business easier by always using Back to submit your requests 🙏 Please reach out to us/leave a comment if you have and feedback. You can learn more about Back in their FAQ.
The <TEAM>


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