How do I invite new user?

Invite new experts into the system so that they can help others resolve requests

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⚠️ You only need to invite users that would be working on requests in the system. Employees do not need to create an account as we automatically recognize them when they create their first request.

As we’re crafting our product for teams, you can invite users to specific teams. 

Go to Settings, Team Management, and click on to Manage members to the team.

  • If the user already has a user profile in Back, i.e. they are already an expert or we got their information from your Slack workspace you can simply select them based on their name or e-mail address

  • If you want to invite someone that Back is not aware of yet, simply enter their e-mail address

Back will send an e-mail invitation to new users and ensure they are added to the correct teams.

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