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The request detail has three main parts:

  • On the left there is the timeline, which displays the full history of the request and all the communication between the requester and the expert. 

  • On the bottom left there is the message bar, which enables you to communicate with the requester and other experts

  • On the right there is the sidebar which contains all the relevant request actions and some additional details.

🕰 Timeline

The timeline shows the full history of the request, starting with the first message sent by the requester. Each change in assignment and status is displayed there, as well as all messages sent to and by the requester and internal notes.

  • Messages from the requester are always shown on the left

  • Replies, internal notes, and approval requests from experts are always shown on the right

Each reply shows which channel it was sent over, depending on requester notification preferences.

⚡️ Message bar

Here you can select the message type to send using the selector on the left.

  • Reply will send the message to the requester through their notification channel of choice

  • Internal note will add a message only visible to your colleagues from the team assigned to the request

  • Approval enables to you to request someone's approval needed to resolve the request. Read more about approvals...

  • Form will enable you to send a form with a reply.

⚙️ Sidebar

Info tab

  • Change the status of the request

  • Set a priority

  • Assign the request to yourself or another expert

  • Send the request to another team

  • Set an internal due date

  • Add the request to a Project

  • Set a category

Requester tab shows additional context information about the requester based on information from a connected HR system

SLA tab displays applicable SLA goals and the current status.

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