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Back at <Your Company>

What is Back?

Back is a ticketing tool for the Slack generation designed for HR, Finance, Legal, Office IT/ Management teams, helping us to collaborate across teams and to resolve service requests in a transparent, reliable and efficient way.

Why do we use Back?

Back allows you to send your questions and requests to <Your teams using Back> without leaving 💬 Slack or ✉️ e-mail - pretty cool, right :-). 

No more “I have a question, but don’t know who to ask or which team to contact” or "I submitted a request, but don’t know where it stands and don’t know who is actually taking care of it."

What types of requests can I submit?

Any <Your teams using Back> related requests such as: 

  • I need new hardware or access to a software...

  • The printer is broken, the wifi is down, the meeting room isn’t equipped...

  • I have questions regarding my payslip, vacation days, sick notes, employment agreement....

  • We need to order coffee, water the plants, buy a new desk...

How do I submit a request?

You can submit a new request through Slack or e-mail.


Send a direct message to @Back or mention @Back in #<channel with Back> , e.g. “@Back Where can I find my payslips?”

More information about using Back through Slack can be found here.


Send an e-mail to any of the following email groups and it will be automatically turned into a request:


If you have any questions about Back, you can learn more about it in the FAQ.

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