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Adding a new team to Back is really easy and takes just a couple of clicks...

  1. Select your company name in top left corner and select Team Management from the menu

  2. Click on the Create a new team button

Team details

Pick a Team type to help us understand what team you're setting up - we'll use this to pre-select some default options for you.

The Team name is what your employees will see on Slack and in e-mail notifications. Be as creative as you want, but we'd recommend using a rather short name.

We will pre-generate the Team email once you enter a name, but feel free to change it if you want.

If you have Slack enabled, you can also link your new team to specific Slack channels, after which all requests coming from that channel will be automatically pre-assigned to this team.

All teams that you create are Private by default, which means that only the team members will have access to information and request in those teams.

Add categories

If you picked a team type earlier, we've pre-selected some Categories for you. You can always adjust this selection in the settings later.

Invite your colleagues

Working alone is not fun, so in the second step you can invite additional colleagues into the new team. Just find them in the list or enter their e-mail and we'll make sure to get them on board.

We've also pre-selected you as a member, but if you're setting up a team for someone else, you can remove yourself by clicking on the little ✖️ next to your name.

And then you're all set!

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