With more than half of e-mail traffic being spam, we want to ensure that only really relevant emails make it to your Back inbox. You can now choose to allowlist only specific e-mail domains, which means that only e-mails from those domains would actually lead to requests being created in Back.

โ„น By default all domains are allowed.

For example, if you'd allowlist *@acme.com, *@acme.co.uk, and *@acme.jp, e-mail from [email protected]acme.com, [email protected]acme.co.uk, or [email protected]acme.jp would lead to requests being created, but emails from [email protected]amazon.com would be discarded.

This way only you'll only have the relevant requests in your inbox, without unnecessary noise.

๐Ÿ’ If you want to enable e-mail domain allowlisting, let us know via [email protected] or using the chat bubble in the lower right corner and we'll have it set up for you.

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