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Forwarding e-mails from your own inbox
Forwarding e-mails from your own inbox

Truly handle all incoming requests in Back

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In case you receive an email in your personal inbox, that should have been a request in Back, you can can easily forward the e-mail into the Back inbox of the relevant team to create the request on behalf of the original sender.

The original sender of the email will be set as the requester of the request, which means they will receive all notifications and updates about the request.

❓How do we identify forwarded e-mails?

  • The subject line starts with Fwd, Fw, or WG

  • We can find the original sender in the body of the forwarded e-mail

❓Can I add more information to the request?

Yes, if you add more information to the e-mail when forwarding, we will take it as part of the request. This information will however be visible to the original requester as well!

❓Can I prevent this from happening?

Yes, if you simply want to create a request for yourself in Back, you can delete the Fwd, Fw, or WG from the subject line, and we will treat the e-mail as any other request.

❓Can I see in Back that e-mail was forwarded?

Right now it is not possible, but we're working on a way to display this in the UI as well!

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