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Having to ask someone else for approval before being able to proceed with a request is a common requirement in a lot of situations where money and budgets are involved.

With Back this process is extremely simple for both experts and the approvers.

Request an approval

  1. Select Approval in the message type menu

  2. Select the approver in the pop-up dialog
    ℹ You can choose from any of the known users in the system, or enter an e-mail address to send an approval request

  3. Add a message for the approver to help them understand the context of the request
    If the approver is not an expert in Back, they won't have access to the full contents of the request, so it's useful to provide all the necessary details they might need.

  4. Send the approval request

The approver will receive the request on their channel of choice (Slack or e-mail) and will be able to respond to the request with just one click.

Respond to an approval request

Depending on your role within Back, there are different ways to respond to an approval request

When you are an expert in the same team...

...that the request is assigned to, you can respond to it directly in Back. You will find the request in Team Overview, with a "Unread Approval" notification.

You can then 👍Approve or 👎Reject the approval.

When you are not an expert or are from a different team

You will be notified about the approval request on Slack or email (depending on your preference). In each of the notifications you will see not only who sent the approval request, but also who was the original requester, and what was the title and description of the request.



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