Sending a form to an employee
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Now that your forms are all set up, it's time to share them with your employees. ๐Ÿ’ชย 

Select the right form

When you want to request some specific information from an employee, pick Form in the message type selector in the message bar, and then select the form you want to send.

You can click on Preview to see what questions are in the form before selecting it.

๐Ÿ™‹We always only show forms linked to the team the request is assigned to.

Adjust the intro message

Once selected, we will pre-fill the message box with the intro message or append it to any existing text there. Feel free to personalize it for the specific employee or by adding emojis ๐Ÿ‘ป.

Send the form

All the forms you send are always visible in the timeline. You can also always view the specific intro message and the questions that were sent to the employee using the Preview button.

Sending forms automatically

Once you send a form Back will learn the association between the request title and the form, so that the next time a similar request arrives, we can send the form automatically.

If you don't want to send this form for similar requests you can disable that by clicking Turn OFF automatic sending.

How are forms delivered?

Forms are delivered as regular replies to employee's channel of choice (email or Slack). The employee will always see the intro message and a preview of the first 3 questions in the form, as well as the total number of questions.

Any sent forms are not affected by future changes to the original form, i.e. the set of questions that the employee received will remain the same. Currently you cannot change the form or the intro message once a form has been sent.

How do employees provide the information?

The notification (Slack or email) comes with a link to an online version of the form where employees provide the answers.

Answers are automatically saved as they fill out to form so that they don't lose their progress, and will be available to you once they finalize and submit the form.

โš  Once submitted, the answers cannot be edited again.

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