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There are a couple of different ways to keep up to date with everything that’s happening in Back. In the Notification settings, you can control not only which channel you prefer, but also which notifications you want to receive.

Notification settings

To update your personal notification settings go to Notification settings in the Settings menu.

From there you can control which notifications you want to receive, enable or disable browser notifications, and choose a secondary notification channel (e-mail or Slack). You can also decide whether to receive the daily e-mail digest.

Notification types

Depending on which updates are the most relevant for you you can select the types of notifications you will receive as browser notifications and e-mail/Slack notifications.

  • A new request was created in a team you're a member of

  • A request was assigned to you by another expert

  • Request updates in requests assigned to you (incl. replies, internal notes, form responses, and approvals)

  • New mentions in replies and internal notes

  • Approval requests for you

⚠️ Your selection will apply to both browser and e-mail/Slack notifications, however, it does not affect the Daily digest.

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