Connecting with Personio

Leverage your existing employee data in Personio to easily get all relevant information about the requester

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To help you see the full context of who the requester of a specific request you can now connect Back to your Personio account, bringing all relevant employee profile information into Back.

Configuring Personio

Before you connect Back to Personio, you need to configure which data fields will be exposed to use through this connection. This is done in the API credentials section of the Personio configuration.

Create new credentials

Since August 2021 Personio enables you to create integration-specific credentials for each product you're connecting to Personio.

To generate credentials for Back click on Generate new credential, enter a name (e.g. Back integration), and pick Back in the Integration dropdown.

To ensure that we have access to all the important information select Read and Write for Employees and Absences.

To ensure future compatibility ideally select all the items in the Readable employee attributes field. At the moment Back makes use of the following fields:

  • Vorname / First name

  • Nachname / Last name

  • E-Mail 

  • Status

  • Geschlecht / Gender

  • Profilbild / Profile Picture

  • Position

  • Abteilung / Department

  • Standort / Location

  • Vorgesetzter / Supervisor

  • Anstelldatum / Hire date

  • Urlaubstage / Vacation day balance

  • Zuletzt geändert / Last modified

  • created_at

Click on Generate new credential to obtain your Client ID and secret that you'll need in the next step.

Connecting to Personio

With the credentials generated it's time to connect it to Back.

  1. Open Back in a new tab and switch to the Integrations screen by clicking on the company name in the top left corner and selecting SettingsIntegrations

  2. Click on Connect in the row for Personio

  3. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret and press Connect

  4. If everything works fine, the status in the Personio row will change to Connected

Once connected, we will regularly synchronize all of your employee data with Back (every ~4 hours). This data is then used to display additional context in the request detail and can be used in employee journeys such as onboarding. You can use it also for knowledge targeting.

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