To help you see the full context of who the requester of a specific request you can now connect Back to your Personio account, bringing all relevant employee profile information into Back.

Configuring Personio

Before you connect Back to Personio, you need to configure which data fields will be exposed to use through this connection. This is done in the API section of the Personio configuration.

To specify the fields go to API → Zugriff / Access and click on Editieren / Edit. In the selection field then pick the following items:

  • Vorname / First name

  • Nachname / Last name

  • E-Mail 

  • Status

  • Geschlecht / Gender

  • Profilbild / Profile Picture

  • Position

  • Abteilung / Department

  • Standort / Location

  • Vorgesetzter / Supervisor

  • Anstelldatum / Hire date

  • Urlaubstage / Vacation day balance

  • Zuletzt geändert / Last modified

  • created_at

💁🏻‍♂️ In case you don't want to expose some information about your employees to Back, you can omit any of the optional fields (not marked as bold) from the configuration. It might however lead to limited functionality in Back.
You can also find more details in Personio's documentation

Connecting to Personio

With the API configured now it's time to connect it to Back.

  1. First, download the credentials file from Personio by selecting Neue Credentials generieren / Download. This will leave you with a text file called PersonioAPICredentials.txt.
    ⚠️ Personio API only has one active set of credentials at a time. When you press Download / Neue Credentials generieren, a new set of credentials is generated, invalidating the previous ones.

    👉 If you or anyone else in your organization have already connected Personio to another tool, you need to use the same set of credentials (client_id and client_secret or the PersonioAPICredentials.txt file) also for Back.

  2. Next, go to Back, and switch to the Integrations screen by clicking on the company name in the top left corner and selecting Integrations

  3. Click on Connect in the row for Personio and upload the file you got in step 1

  4. If everything works fine, the status in the Personio row will change to Connected

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