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Whenever an incoming e-mail requests include additional e-mail addresses in the CC field, they are added as E-mail CCs on the request. This helps both you and the employees to keep others in the loop when discussing and resolving the request.

How do CCs work in Back

In Back, Email CCs work very similarly to regular CCs in your e-mail communication.

  • Each request can have multiple users in CC, which can be anyone from the organization, but also outside of it.

  • The expert can manage (add and remove) the current list of CCs from the request detail.

  • People that are added in CC get automatically notified about updates to the request and can also add their replies to the request.

What notification do CCs receive?

People in CC get notified via e-mail whenever.

  • The request is assigned to a specific expert

  • There is a new reply on the request

  • The request is resolved

Who gets notified when a request is updated?

When the expert updates the request from Back, or the requester adds a new reply from the request status view, all current CCs will be notified.

When the requester or someone in CC reply to the e-mail notification, only the same CCs that received that particular notification will receive the reply. This ensures that the requester (and the CCs) always know the full audience for their reply.

💁 As a requester (or CC) you can always see who will receive your reply in the e-mail.

As an expert, you can always see the audience of each reply in the the tooltip:

Do CCs have access to the request status view?

No, CCs only receive updates via e-mail, and they cannot access the request status view like the requester can. They also do not get access to forms that are sent to the requester, and they cannot access attachments that are sent from Back.

Who can add CCs to a request?

  • Experts can add CCs to a request from the request detail in Back

  • Requester can add CCs to a request by including them as CCs in their e-mails to Back

Who can remove CCs from a request?

Currently only the expert can remove CCs from a specific request.

Are CCs available for requests created from Slack?

No, currently only e-mail requests can have CCs associated to them

What are the current limitations for CCs?

  • CCs currently don't have access to the attachments that you send from Back

  • CCs cannot view the request detail

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