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Write down your policies, guidelines, and other important answers for your employees.

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In your day to day work you can come across questions and requests that can be easily resolved with pre-defined answers, be it policies, guidelines, or other articles.

Back allows you to save such answers upfront and then make use of them when resolving requests, both automatically and manually.

Creating answers

There are currently two distinct ways to create answers. Doing so from the knowledge overview is useful when you already know what content to create, or you have an external source to link to.

Saving answers from the request detail is, on the other hand, useful when you want to save information from a specific request, making it available to other experts as well.

In both cases, you can use different formatting options (bold, italics, ordered and unordered lists, and link), as well as upload file attachments.

Creating answers from knowledge overview

  1. Navigate to Knowledge section in the sidebar

  2. Click on + Add answer

  3. Provide easy to understand title and enough content to fully cover the topic in question

  4. Add answer and you're done

Creating answers from the request detail

You can easily turn any reply sent to the employee into an answer.

  1. Find the reply that you want to save

  2. Click on next to it and select Add as repetitive answers

  3. We'll automatically pre-fill the content with the text in your reply to make things easier

  4. Edit the content and add a nice, descriptive title

💁🏻‍♀️ As described in this article, the title and content of the answer are used by Back to automatically suggest answers to employees over Slack, MS Teams, and Google Chat.

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