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Projects help you organize your work within Back and collaborate with your colleagues on specific topics.

By adding requests to a project you can easily keep track of everything that needs to be done and see what is the progress at a single page.

Creating a project

To get started simply create a new project from the Projects section. This is where you'll later also find all the projects associated to your teams and their status.

Each project has a name, one team responsible for it, and a status (open/closed).

On the top you can also see how many requests are added to the project and how many of those are already resolved.

Adding requests to a project

To add requests to a project you can create them from the project detail (if it's a new request) or you can add an existing request if it was already created.

Creating request for a project

  1. Open the project detail of the project you want to create the request for

  2. Click on the ➕ button in the top right corner

  3. Provide all information for the request (requester, team, title, and description). You can create request on behalf of any requester and assign in to any team in Back.

  4. Click on Create request to create the request and add it to the project

Adding existing request to a project

  1. Find the request you want to add to a project

  2. In request list: Use the on the request card and select Set project
    In request detail: Use the project button in the side panel

  3. Pick the project you want to add the request to

You can now find the request also in the project detail 

Removing requests from a project

If you want to remove a request from a project, click on the Project button on the card/in the side panel and select Remove from project.

The request will no longer be counted as part of the project, however, it will remain in Back.


Who has access to a project?

  • For projects in public teams, anyone can see the project detail.

  • For projects in private teams, all team members of the team assigned to the project can see the project detail.

The project detail includes: project name, status, author, what requests are there.

💁 An expert can only access the request detail if they are a member of the team assigned to the request, or if the request is in a public team.

Who can add an existing request to a project?

Anyone with access to a project can add existing requests to it through the Set project action or the Project button in the side panel.

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