If you already have existing in Confluence you can now leverage the integration with Back to use it to resolve requests.

What you'll need

To connect your Confluence to Back you will need 3 pieces of information:

  1. The API endpoint of your Confluence installation – this usually has the format https://<your company name>.atlassian.net/wiki/ , e.g. https://acme.atlassian.net/wiki/, and you can find it in the URL bar of your browser when you're in Confluence
  2. Your Confluence username – as this is usually your e-mail, you can find it in your account settings
  3. API token – you need to create a new API token for the integration. You can call it e.g. Back integration . Don't close the browser window after creating the token, as you cannot access it later!

Configuring the connection

Once you've generate the API token go to the Integrations page in Back and click on Connect in the Confluence row.

  • Enter the API endpoint into the first field - you must enter the full URL there, e.g. https://acme.atlassian.net/wiki/
  • Then, enter your Confluence username into the second field
  • Finally, enter the API token you created into the last field

Click on Connect to validate the connection

If everything worked out fine you'll see the status of the Confluence integrastion as Connected.

Using articles from Confluence

The use an existing article from Confluence with a reply click on the 📑 button in the message box.

Start typing the name or content of the article in the search bar - Back will search through all the available content in Confluence, as well as articles in Back.

Once you select an article it will be attached to the reply,

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