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Let Back automatically send forms to employees

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🧪 This functionality is current available as beta - let us know if you'd like to try it out!

To make your work more efficient Back automatically learns which forms you use most often for which requests and then uses this information to send forms automatically when new requests are submitted.

Training Back to be smart

Every time you send a form, Back will learn the association between the request title and the form. This happens automatically and does not require your intervention.

You will know that this association was learned when you see the following notification in the timeline:

If, for some reason, you DO NOT want Back to learn this specific association you can blacklist it by clicking Turn OFF automatic sending

This will make Back "forget" about it, which means it would not use the form automatically for requests similar to the current one.

⚠️ Blacklisting affects only the specific association between form and request – the form can still be automatically suggested for other requests.

Recognizing automatically sent forms

Automatically sent forms are shown in the request timeline as any other messages sent by experts, with the only exception being that they are sent by Back.

As in the previous case, you can also blacklist the specific association between the request and the form by clicking on Turn OFF automatic sending.

How does suggestion work?

For each incoming request we compare the content with all other requests submitted for the same team that were answered with a form

If we find a similar request, we determine whether we can make a suggestion based on several criteria. We will only suggest a form if...

  1. we have enough associations of a form to make the prediction (i.e. the form was used enough times)

  2. we have enough certainty based on the existing associations that the form is the correct one

The suggested form is then automatically sent to the employee right after request confirmation.

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