Team Insights

At a glance, get an idea about the work distribution and progress, the health of requests in your team, and employee satisfaction.

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If you need to get an overview of the health of your team, head straight to the team insights, which brings together all the important aspects of the workload and health in your teams.

At a glance, get an idea what is the work distribution between experts, how much work is in progress and still to be done, and whether your help is needed in any of the requests.

The insights view is divided into several sections, each focusing on a different aspect of the team's work in Back. Each view is scoped to one team only - in case you are in multiple teams you can switch between them in the page header.


  • Data about new requests

  • Snapshot of the current workload

  • Health check of the team

  • Data about employee satisfaction

  • Requests where your attention is needed

New requests

  • How many requests were created in the last 7 days and how many of those were resolved

  • How many requests are usually created in the same period

  • How many requests were successfully deflected using our Knowledge automation

Current workload

  • Overview of the current workload per expert, split by Open (To do and In progress) and On hold statuses

  • Overview of the current work in progress by status

Health check

  • Requests that breached their SLA goal

  • Requests that have not been assigned for more than 2 days

  • Requests that have been in To do for more than 2 days

Employee satisfaction

When a request is resolved, the employee can give feedback about their satisfaction with the resolution. This section shows the distribution of the three outcomes –

Attention needed

  • Requests in which you were mentioned

  • Requests where your approval is needed

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