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The fastest way to get updated about new things in Back is through browser notifications.

Enabling browser notifications

You can enable browser notifications either from the blue banner on top of the screen or from the Notification settings page.

⚠️ Browser notifications are currently available only in Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge. Let us know if you'd like to have them in your browser as well!

When you click on Enable a browser dialog will be shown, located either on the top-left (Chrome or Firefox) or bottom-center (MS Edge) of your screen. Click on allow to let Back send you browser notifications and you're all set!

Frequently Asked Questions about Browser Notifications

I've clicked on the X on the banner, how can I enable notifications now?

Just go to Notification settings and enable notifications from there.

Do I have to have Back open to be notified?

No, once you enable desktop notifications we will notify you whenever you have your browser running, even if the tab with Back is closed at the moment.

What happens if I use a different computer?

Notification settings is specific to each device and browser - if you use multiple devices, you will need to enable desktop notifications on all, or only some of them.

Can I receive multiple notifications at the same time?

You will be notified for all events that happen, as soon as they happen, which can lead to multiple notifications being displayed.

If you are logged in in multiple browsers (e.g. Firefox and Chrome), and you've enabled notifications in all of them, you will receive multiple notifications for the same event.

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