Creating requests through MS Teams
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After installing the Back application into your team and connecting it to Back every employee can create requests by simply sending a message to the Back bot.

  1. Employee sends a message direct message to the Back bot or mentions it in a message in a public channel

  2. Back bot replies with a selection of teams to pick from

  3. Employee selects a team and confirms request creation

  4. Back replies with a confirmation message showing the details of the request

From that point on, all updates to the request will be reflected in the request card. The employee can also Add comments to the request, as well as view details of the request on the web.

Creating a request from any message

If you want to create a Back request on behalf of someone else, you can use the message extension the Back bot provides.

  1. Find the message you want to create a request from in a channel or a chat conversation

  2. Open the menu on message (next to emoji reactions) and select More actions

  3. Select Create a Back request

  4. If needed, update the title and the description, select a team, and press Submit

  5. A request is created on behalf of the author of the message - they will receive all updates directly from Back

💁🏻‍♀️ If you don't see the option to Create a Back request, go to AppsBack and click on Add to enable this functionality.

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