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Use saved replies to write, personalize, and send answers to common questions while keeping your messages personal.

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Saved replies let you save commonly used templates, snippets, and answers that you don't want our bot to send automatically.

Creating and managing saved replies

To create and manage Saved replies go to Settings → Saved replies. You can create a new one using the + Add saved reply button or edit exiting ones by clicking on the list.

Each saved reply is assigned to one team to make it easier to find and manage them across multiple teams. You can switch between your teams in the header.

Using saved replies

Find and select a saved reply when sending replies, internal notes, forms, or approvals directly from the message box.

Migrating knowledge answers to saved replies

If you previously used knowledge answers as templates by sending them "as message", you can now easily migrate them to saved replies.

  1. Find the answer in Knowledge

  2. Open the answer detail and select + Create saved reply

  3. Select the team

  4. Edit the answer if needed

  5. Save

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