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Suggesting the right answer to the right user
Suggesting the right answer to the right user

Use answer targeting to ensure the right article is suggested to the right person

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If you're juggling multiple versions of the same policy depending on the office or department or want to target certain policies only to managers or employees, you can use knowledge segmentation to target specific answers to any combination of filters.

Defining answer targeting

⚠️ In order to define the answer targeting, you need to have an HR system integration enabled in Back (BambooHR, Personio, or hibob). Without it, we do not have the right information to be able to determine whether the usee matches the defined segment.

You can combine different targeting criteria:

  • Office – Which office does the employee work in

  • Department – Which department is the employee in

  • Only managers Whether this employee has at least 1 direct report

  • Allow external users Allow suggesting this article to users who do not have a profile in the HR system

Without any targeting defined the answer will be suggested to:

  • Employees in all the offices

  • Employees from all the departments

  • Both managers and non-managers

  • Employees with HR profile only

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