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Use your existing knowledge in Notion to easily resolve requests

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Do your policies, guidelines, and how-tos live in Notion? Then the Back <> Notion integration is the ideal way to make all this information easily accessible to employees.

Back turns pages in Notion databases of your choice into answers in Back. Easily attach them when responding to requests in Back, or have our bot suggest them automatically.

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Configuring the connection

Go to the Integrations page in Back and click Connect in the Notion row.

Clicking Connect once more takes you to Notion. Here, Notion asks you to grant the Back integration access to pages in your account.

πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ As you will need to select the relevant pages in Back directly, we would recommend selecting all the relevant content in your workspace already in this step.

Select pages you want to share and click "Allow access". You can also share individual pages later on (see Sharing your Notion pages with Back).

Once connected successfully, the status of the Notion integration is shown as Connected.

Sharing your Notion pages with Back

If you haven't selected any pages during the setup, or want to add new pages, for each page that you want to access in Back simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the page that you want to share in Notion

  2. Click Share in the top right-hand corner

  3. Select Add people, emails, groups, or integrations

  4. Search for "Back" and select the integration

  5. Click the Invite button

This automatically makes this page and all sub-pages available to the Back integration. Next, add those pages to Back as well.

Adding pages from Notion to Back

  1. After connecting Notion and sharing specific pags, go to Knowledge

  2. In the top-right corner press Add from... and select Notion to open the search modal

  3. Use the search field in the modal to find the page that you want

    1. πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Back will search through the title and content of all the pages that were shared with us.

  4. Add page to Back by clicking on Add...

    1. If you select Add this page only, only this specific page will be synchronized with Back

    2. If you select Add including subpages, ALL direct and indirect subpages of this page will be synchronized with Back

  5. After the initial synchronization the page (and all it's sub-pages) will be visible in the list of answers.

Just like with answers in Back, you can specify targeting or attach workflows to Notion articles to leverage all the options that knowledge and process automation in Back provide.

Check out this short video belowπŸ‘‡ on the whole process of adding, managing, and removing Confluence pages in Back.

Database template: employee handbook

To help you get set up with some basic pages, check out our employee handbook template for Notion. You can create a duplicate of it in your Notion workspace and add your own policies and guidelines.

The template includes a "Tags" property which is not needed for Back but makes the database easier to browse inside Notion. Add as many properties as you want, as long as the database pages have a title and page content.

Once done, share the database with Back and add it from the Knowledge section.

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